If you work at Crystal Spring

If you work at Crystal Spring

If you work at Crystal Spring, your morning at the job starts almost a 100 meters above the ground, with the skyline of the city, and in a friendly environment, so good for creating. And yes, a mug of coffee)

It is customary, that in IT business we drink coffee by mugs, only a few of us drink coffee by cups, but we do care about  these special people .

We are not afraid to say that we are among the leading  developers of mobile applications and software for banks in Kazakhstan, we are the professional team that has many safely implemented IT projects behind our belt to be able to tell that we are good.

Among the projects completed by Crystal Spring are successful mobile applications, that  gained top rating and became tops in  Kazakhstan apps top list, we also do  internet and mobile banking apps. This background of successful and proven projects makes us look bright at our specialists and share the knowledge with them. We like sharing experience and know-hows ;).

We like sharing work and rest. Our teammates like resting differently, and we do provide. They like resting, and we up to the par. Of course we do differentiate rest and work

Some of our employees play chess, some play Go. Some try avoiding RSI syndrome by playing tabletop soccer, while some practice agility by playing ping pong, and finally there are those that pump the iron. Who said programmers were wimps? Come and try to make a body pull with your fingers at our unusual pull-up bar! And can’t forget those who practice polyphasic sleep =).

Friendly team of our crystal spring never misses sports events in the city, and holidays that we always make very special. And the costumes and props that we’ve built and made are a good fit for a medium-sized theater.

So, if you work at Crystal Spring, then you like to be high, creative, open for communication and learning, stay positive and open for work and rest!

Welcome to  Crystal Spring!