My 6500km away from home adventure

My 6500km away from home adventure

It all started with being crazy and taking a plain in Belgium and homecoming in a city 6500 km away from home.

Now almost 4 months later I have an amazing story to tell, mostly thanks to Crystal Spring and every member of the team.

The majority asks me: “What is a European student doing in Almaty?” I could not answer exactly the moment before I left. Largely rely on my feelings, following my heart, experiencing a unique experience, working with a company with enthusiastic employees, a great city like Almaty, unique opportunity,….

But now I can tell that I have learned so much in terms of programming or in terms of culture and in terms of myself.

I got to know wonderful people or better said “friends”, I never had the feeling of “not being home” in Crystal Spring not even for a second and that is pretty special to say.  Mostly with all the miles between Almaty and my “real” home.

Working at Crystal spring is great they give you the confidence to: grow as a person or programmer, learn, develop and get better. Not only working is fun, but there is also room to come together after working hours, just think of: the Almaty marathon, RedBull 400, rafting on the Ili River,…. Always challenging and fun events where I was welcome to participate. Which made it more pleasant for me because of the miles I have to miss my family and friends, but I never felt alone.

I am so grateful to Crystal Spring. I understand that it must not have been easy for them to have a student from a different continent, with a different cultural background and mentality, to speak a language that is not the native language, namely English because I do not speak any Russian,…. The list goes on and yet despite this I was included as any other member of the team.

This experience is a stepping stone to my future for me. It is certainly not a goodbye, and certainly, a see you soon.

These were the best 4 1/2 months of my life.